Shelter Me

Release Date 12/2/2022

Shelter Me is the first single from LA’s Pill Paupers, and first collaboration between songwriter / lead vocalist jerry the priest and Detroit Garage Rock legend Marcie Bolen, who played, sang and co-produced.

Excerpted from the Pill Paupers’ 11-track freshman release, Never a Dull Blundr, recorded in Studio City, CA and Detroit, MI, where it was mixed and co-produced by the one and only Jim Diamond, Shelter Me is a sweet plea from the street, complete with moving lyrics, lush, soaring harmonies and a plaintive, ultimately hopeful refrain.

The Angel Song

Release Date: 4/01/2023

The Angel Song is Jerry and the Pill paupers' second single. Written after a devastating breakup, this poignant slice of Americana sweetly and soulfully alludes to the fact that good partners are hard to find. Keep some tissue in reach when listening. The Angel Song is guaranteed to jerk tears.

Never a Dull Blundr

Never a Dull Blundr is a collection not of fyah but of THUNDA. The premiere release by LA’s Pill Paupers features11 superbly crafted songs, honed mostly solo acoustic over decades at venues the world over. Finally recorded, with top studio pros and many interruptions, between 2010 and 2022 in such locations as Portland, OR, Austin, TX, Boston, MA and Los Angeles. Released only now that I’m more or less back from my journey.

These offerings were torn from my heart. I hope they bring you joy.

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