About the Band

The Pill Paupers are an LA-based rock band with deep folk leanings featuring legendary performer jerry the priest. Supported by a plethora of guest artists, including such luminaries as Todd Westover—drums (the Bell Rays, The Magnificent, Toothpick Elbow, Door Slammer), Shon Sullivan—guitar / banjo / vox (goldenboy, eels), Christopher Camacho—bass (The Snakes, Curtis Harding, Elle King, Forest for The Trees, LA's Bloom and Fuzzy Doodah), Pierre Smith—lead guitar (El Vez, Rufus Wainwright), and Marcie Bolen - guitar / vox / production (Von Bondies, Silverghost, Fake Blood, etc.).

The combination of whatever notable guest artists on Drums, Bass, electric and acoustic Guitars, Banjo, you-name-it and vox, with jerry holding down songwriting/front man duties—while tripling on polyrhythmic guitars, vox and slide trombone—is incendiary, uplifting, and “Superb. Rad. Top notch.” Vince Meghrouni, veteran SoCal bandleader. "DAMN MAN!!! Fucking GREAT!", The Dark Bob, legendary SoCal perfortainment genius. "Perfect", Wayne Cramer, guitarist and cofounder, MC5.

Welcome to waves of sweet, melodic rock. With intricate rhythms, lyrics bordering on the literary, and docile hooks to bring you levels of magic rarely attained in the corporate rock world, the band have a sound that is fresh, unique, ferocious and pleasantly stupefyin’.

Relax. It’s only music.