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Beat Not Beat

Beat Not Beat an anthology of California poets screwing on the Beat and post-Beat tradition (moontide press)—a glorious array of my very great predecessors and contemporaries, compiled and edited by no less than Rich Ferguson and Eric Morago, with Alexis Rhone Fancher, S.A. Griffin, & Kim Shuck. This epic tome showcases the depth and breadth of the profound impact Californians have had on the global tradition of poetry, and illustrates, without question, the vast extent to which Californian arts and literature matter, if only to Californians.

With entries by gazillions of known and unknown luminaries, from Jack Hirschman to Charles Bukowski, Jim Morrison, Pleasant Gehman, Bob Kaufman, Brendan Costantine, Diane Di Prima, Wanda Coleman, Michael C. Ford and yours truly, Beat Not Beat is a thick, literary h-bomb gone rogue with love for all things lyrical.

I Think You Better Leave Now

I think you better leave now is the latest and only collection of poetic / confessional writing by performer / trombonist (aka latter-day troubadour) jerry the priest. 40 years in the writing of—via chronic vagrancy resulting in the loss of much material along the way—this collection is known for its lush imagery, both inviting and disturbing. By turns hilarious, infuriating and deeply moving, I think you better leave now provides guileless, first-hand ‘floating world’ perspectives uncommon in literature as a whole.